Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weird, wonderful and strange

I was taking a look around Etsy, trying to find a birthday card for my son.  Sounds easy, right?  No.  His birthday lands on a really cool day of the year, St. Patrick's Day, and they have neat stuff for that day.  Now, last year when I went looking, I found a couple things, but I lost the links when my computer died.  So, in frustration, I just went to another place and typed in "St. Patrick's Day, Birthday Cards" and I found this.  It's not a card, but, this is wow, neat, weird, strange!  Look!!!

They look so innocent, don't they??  All cute and green.  Just waiting for the next person to come along and-
BAM!!!!   They explode!!!!

Each frog is HANDMADE glycerin soap (that we purchase from a local soap maker) that has been scented with peppermint. The GUTS of the frog are made of our secret bath bomb recipe including sea salt, citric acid, bicarbonate of soda a yummy cherry scent and more.

You can use these soaps as you would any normal soap, but when the warm water hits the center...

WOW!!! The GUTS foam up and bubble out of the frog and turn red...and smell great! EWWWWWW....COOOOL!!!!!

(O.k., really they do not per say "explode", that probably would be illegal. Our frogs are like a bath bomb or bath fizzy.)

Oh, did we mention that these soaps are good for your skin too?

(description from Howard's Home. Thank you!)

Oh, I never did find a card today! Better luck tomorrow.

written by Peggi Dial

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