Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 2010 Sample Box Preview, Pt. 2

Today, we are going to preview Sarah's Treasures, Mylingys Purr-fect Candles, The Bubble Room, The Briare Patch and Bellas Beauty and More.

Sarah's Treasures offers many different flavors of lip balms, with a promise of mineral make up on the way. I had a look at her ingredient list, and liked what I saw-Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Stevia and flavor oils. Plain and simple, and why mess with something that works? (Sarah's Treasures)

Ok. I have to admit that I'm a cat person. That is why I just love the name of this next shop-Mylingy's Purrfect Candles. Sorta just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? And, if you read in the "About Me", you'll see where the name comes from.  With candles and tarts in lilac, butterfly garden and daffodil, you'll have the Spring time feeling even when it's still raining!

Next on the list is the Bubble Room.  I love soap. I am a scent-aholic, besides being a cat person and a mom. So, after a few clicks through this store, and I fell in love. Why? Her designs are super cute. She has great scents listed.  She has some soaps that will delight the kid in all of us, big and little. And, she donates 5% of her sales to her local no-kill animal shelter.  I mean, how can you lose with a store like this? (The Bubble Room)

The BriarePatch is up for a look-see now.  They make their soaps in my old home county of Sonoma, in California.  I see they make their soap in cold process way, which is what some call the old fashioned way. Nice, creamy lather is usually the result, and I love their ingredient list! Olive, Palm and Coconut Oils top the list, with some soaps having Tussah silk, honey, rice bran oil or beeswax added in.  They also make salt bars too! (the briare patch)
Wow!! So, I just jumped over to Bella's Beauty and More, expecting bath and body. Just bath and body items. Well, was I in for a surprise-you have to go over there right now and look at this-

Do I have your attention now? It's 7 layers of yummy, nummy goodies! Here, this is the description from her site-
"I make these cakes two different ways. My favorite- For each layer, is a different flavor..including layers of; cherry,orange,lemon,vanilla,wildberry, yummy. But for those of you out there that don't want the wild flavor combination, I make the rainbow cake, each layer being the same flavor, you can choose any flavor from the list above,or root beer as well.

I typically use white frosting, either vanilla or cream cheese flavored, and can do either all fondant, all non-dairy whipped,or a combination of both..again, it's all up to you. Either way, I know it is the best cake you will have ever tasted!

This cake is quite labor intensive,and if it does not come out perfect...I have to start all over again. And the ingredients are all premium,from the specialty flavorings, to the fondant, and even the cake recipe itself.

This cake is like none other you have ever had, and I guarantee it will be the best you've ever tasted! Whether you get the multi-flavored layers,or go for just one ingredients are all premium, perfect combination,and my perfected recipe.So soft,and moist, it melts in your mouth!! "  (bellas beauty and more)

Here's a list of other contributors to March's box for the Out of the Box Sampler. Remember, it goes on sale Tuesday, March 2.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

March 2010 Sample Box Preview

March. Hmmm. What does this bring to mind with you? St. Patrick's Day? Spring? Greenery? Flowers blooming? Any and all of the above? March's box from Out of the Box Sample box Out of the Box sampler has several contributors that will answer your call of Spring!

This month's sponsor is Girls Like Trucks from over on Etsy (girlsliketrucks), where there are some really, really cool items. Now, what does this shop have to do with spring? They have hair accessories and some clothing, each one cuter than the next. Now, I have to admit I have a son, and I wouldn't trade him for all the tea in China, but sometimes, when I see some really cool girl stuff, I wish for another child. A girl child. You know what I mean-frilly dresses, Mary Jane shoes, bow ties for the hair.  Well, I have to say that doesn't last very long, especially when I find a shop like Girls Like Trucks! Here's the description from her shop-
"Welcome! This store is inspired by my daughter Anna (who just turned 2), who is an avid lover of all things transportation. My shop specializes in items for little girls in typical "boy" themes."
Well, Anna, thank you for the inspiration! Most of the little girls our family knows are tomboys, and I can just see them wearing some of these items. The first, Spring-y item that really caught my eye was this-

But then, on the next page of her shop, my eye was caught by this very cute, not girly at all, shirt for 18 month old girls. Yes, I know this entry is about Spring, and what do helicopters have to do with Spring? Well, not much, ok, but it's so cute, I had to show it off, lol!

Whirly Girl shirt for toddler

The next contributor to the March sampler box is PureIntox on Etsy (PureIntox), a bath and body shop that looks to have some scrumptious goodies. Here is what the shop owner says about her shop-
"PureIntox specializes in bath and body products featuring intoxicating cocktail blends. Both my sister and I are into natural care. I developed a concept that we should create our natural body products based around the whole cocktail idea. From there, we did lots of research. We made Bahama Mama Body Frosting favors for my sister’s best friend’s bridal shower, it was a hit! Shortly after, we came up with new scents and products, then launched our product." OOTBS is happy to have them included in March's box! I went over to PureIntox's site, had me a look-see, and I so want so many of their items! Here is a small green Spring-y, sampling-

And after you finish in the tub, it's time to get your feet sandal ready with this great set. It comes with a foot scrub, lotion and a foot scrub paddle, all packaged in a cute faux leather gift box-

In the next few days I will be doing more previews of other contributors so that you may get as excited as me about Spring, St. Patrick's Day and next month's box!

March's Sample box goes on sale March 2, 2010, so mark your calender!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

February 2010 Sample Box Review

Rhoda Rose (chocolate covered pretzel rod)-I didn't think I would like the combo of chocolate and pretzels, but, I do! Wow, these were good! Sweet chocolate covered pretzels doesn't sound that good to me, but my mouth really enjoyed the combo of sweet to mouth is just watering just writing about them! (

Different Kitchen (chocolate chip cookies)-These were ok. I bet these were totally awesome when fresh,but, by the cookies got to me, they were hard and stale. Her site shows some really good looking baked goodies, and I'll be using my coupon for goodies soon! (

Bathgasm (Ginger Lime)-I have heard so many good things about this company. First off, this company's name makes me blush. (yeah, well, I'm a cheap date, lol!) I just read the name, and I turn pink. I got a heart scented in ginger lime, and althought not my favorite scent, it made for a great bath. A great Etsy company! (

Jodi's Craft Emporium (2 tarts-oatmeal, milk and honey, and mulberry cream)-Out of the 2 tarts, I liked the Oatmeal, milk and honey the most. In fact, I still have it-it's incredibly long lasting! Mulberry cream was ok. I'm going to be checking Jodi out more closely in the future. (

Rocky Corner SoapWorks (Mocha Love soap)-First off, it wasn't a sample, but a full sized bar-I have to appreciate that, and the design in the bar was pretty. I did take it for one test drive, and it lathered wonderfully. But, I couldn't get over the scent. When I first opened my sample box, all I could smell was mint, and I'm not a mint kind of gal, and this bar of soap was full of mint. The description of the soap reads (partly)- Everything a woman loves !!! All rolled into one soap !!! Chocolate, Coffee and Peppermint! I guess I'm not every woman. Don't get me wrong, a little mint I can handle, I love York Peppermint Patties, and a true mint I can handle in smallish doses in my bath and body. I just wish I could have smelled the coffee and/or the chocolate. (

Pearlcreek Goat Milk Soap Co.(Incensed Soap)- I have never had a big chunk of patchouli scented soap before, and I was hesitant at first. I mean, I thought I didn't like patchouli! Guess what! I like it, I like it!! And I really like the huge sample Pearlcreek sent in-in fact, I had to cut it in half, it was so big! I'm not sure why it has charcoal in it, it makes a big mess in the sink, but hey, it smells great, and lathers even better! All these years gone by missing patchouli....(

Ugly Duckling Designs (3 heart shaped tarts, Sassy Sweettart scent)-I'm not sure of the scent, can anyone fill me in? To me they smelled like fruit loop cereal. And boy, they sure pack a punch! One little tart filled my huge bedroom for hours and hours! Whoa, baby, I gotta get me more of these! (

A Penny for Your Thoughts-Cute paper products. Not sure when/if I would ever use things like these, but sure as shootin', I will eventually, and it's nice to know that there is someone out there that has really cute items. (

T & D Candles (votive candle in voodoo love)-Very impressive votive candle. Highly scented, looks like chunks of pinks interspersed in the candle to make it look different than the run of the mill, average candle. Ultra cute! (

Hippie's Creations (Winter fresh soap)-Nice sized sample, creamy white. Minty, but not overpowering. Left my hands feeling nice. I did notice though that this soap was a bit soft, like it needed to finish curing. (

Pastry Girls-2 words-yum-me!! (

Sweet and Savorys- I think I got the Moist Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies. I'm going by process of elimination, as this was a package not labeled. The flavor was good. Unfortunately, as usually happens with sample boxes and baked goods, they were stale and hard. (

Made With Love (Toffee)-I received a nice sample of toffee. It had a hint of mint to it, but I'm not sure that was intended. I must have been one of the few people on earth who has never tasted toffee before, so I have no basis of comparison. It was really good! I'm really psyched over her site too, because of her chocolate key. (

Sweet and Kind of-I'm always looking for blank cards to stash away, and this one is a definite keeper. It's so cute! It says, simply, "Love grows". After being married for such a period of time (I'm in my 40's, so I'll just let you guess) little cards can be a nice way to show your beloved your feelings any time of year. (

The Ric Rac Shack-I'm not a sewer nor a crafter. But, I know others who are, and I'm sure they'll tell me what this is for! Very pretty shades of ric-rac from a very nice shop. (

*opinions expressed here are my opinions and no-one else's! Thank you! Peggi Dial*