Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Are you up for a chance to win prizes totaling over $270.00?  Do you want to have some fun doing it?  Then come join our 2nd annual Scavenger Egg Hunt at the Out Of The Box Sampler.  We are holding it this year with our OOTBS Etsy Team members.  It will be much easier then last years event.  It will be held in our Etsy shoppes, but you do not have to be a member of Etsy to play in the egg hunt.   
Here's how to play:
You must begin at the OOTBS Etsy team shoppe.  You'll find it HERE We will be hiding our team scavenger hunt egg picture among the listings in our shoppes. Check the listing in the team shoppe for the egg picture and the name of the first shoppe in the hunt.

At each shoppe, you'll look for the same team egg picture. Once you find it, the description in that listing will tell you the name of the next team shoppe in the hunt. Along the way, there will also be keywords listed at some of the shoppes.
You must keep track of each shoppes name in the order of the hunt and also any keywords in order also.
When you get to the final shoppe in the hunt, you'll be given the directions on where to email your shoppe and keyword list. If you have all the shoppes and keywords in the correct order, you will entered into the drawing for the prizes.

The first person to email me all the correct answers will win the grand prize basket valued at $60.00!

Everyone else with the correct answers will have their names put into a drawing to win 2 other baskets and various individual prizes.

So let's go egg hunting!
*( hunt begins March 24th and runs thru March 31st at midnight (est) All entries must be mailed to me by midnight, March 31st to be entered)
**Please do not share your information with anyone else. If we find that you have shared information or answers, your name will not be added into the drawing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weird, wonderful and strange

I was taking a look around Etsy, trying to find a birthday card for my son.  Sounds easy, right?  No.  His birthday lands on a really cool day of the year, St. Patrick's Day, and they have neat stuff for that day.  Now, last year when I went looking, I found a couple things, but I lost the links when my computer died.  So, in frustration, I just went to another place and typed in "St. Patrick's Day, Birthday Cards" and I found this.  It's not a card, but, this is wow, neat, weird, strange!  Look!!!

They look so innocent, don't they??  All cute and green.  Just waiting for the next person to come along and-
BAM!!!!   They explode!!!!

Each frog is HANDMADE glycerin soap (that we purchase from a local soap maker) that has been scented with peppermint. The GUTS of the frog are made of our secret bath bomb recipe including sea salt, citric acid, bicarbonate of soda a yummy cherry scent and more.

You can use these soaps as you would any normal soap, but when the warm water hits the center...

WOW!!! The GUTS foam up and bubble out of the frog and turn red...and smell great! EWWWWWW....COOOOL!!!!!

(O.k., really they do not per say "explode", that probably would be illegal. Our frogs are like a bath bomb or bath fizzy.)

Oh, did we mention that these soaps are good for your skin too?

(description from Howard's Home. Thank you!)

Oh, I never did find a card today! Better luck tomorrow.

written by Peggi Dial

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Being touched, one heart at a time

I recently received an email from a very dear friend that had some quotes, sayings and thoughts that just made me smile.  I've been thinking of this blog all day, smiling, then I thought, why don't I share?  Even if just one person has her heart touched, gets a smile on her face, then, it's worth it.
Nubia is a French woman who started her blog in 2005.  She is married, with a daughter.  Her goal is to inspire, motivate and touch others by publishing all kinds of poetry and quotes.  She has a blog  for her "Good Morning Cards" and a web page. She has a little of every thing!

Her one rule is that you don't change anything. It will be better if I copy/paste from her blog her Terms Of Use-
you are not allowed :
- to edit the cards
- to cut the pictures
- to remove the credit, watermarks or author's names from the pictures
- to add any kind of text , or your name on the pictures
- to repost or forward the Nubia_group designed cards in other groups
(yahoo groups, google groups, live groups or any kind of online groups)
- to publish the Nubia_group cards on any forum
- to publish the Nubia_group cards on online GROUPS blogs
- To make profit or any kind of commerce with the Nubia_group cards
But, she freely encourages you to save whatever card(s) to your hard drive so that you may pass on to others what you found.  Stop by and sign her guestbook, peruse her sites, maybe meet some new friends!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gold Coins

Gold Coins in this month's box? I just read about this on Facebook, and it has my curiousity up. Could it be the leprechaun's secret stash? We'll just have to wait and see what the gals over at Out of the Box Sampler have in Store! (Out of the Box Sampler) If you have a gold coin in your box, you just might be a winner. Head over to the Out of the Box blog (Out of the Box Sampler blog) for more info.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On Sale Now!

Didja hear? It's up for sale, now! Get your cards out, ladies, because this month promises to be special!  St. Patrick's Day goodies, Spring! (The first day of Spring is March 21, and I can't wait for that!) Couple things are new this month, so, here it is-

We have made a few changes regarding the boxes this month too. We will no longer be shipping food samples that do not have a long shelf life in boxes shipping to Canada or Internationally.

Also, we are making available a limited amount of boxes each month that WILL NOT have food samples in them. They will still have the same number of samples as all the other boxes, but will not contain any food samples. You will find them on our website (outoftheboxsampler) directly under the original boxes.
Congratulations to Linda G. for being the winner of the free March box for her purchases from the businesses who have contributed in the past. As always, you can join our forum at to post your purchases and be entered to win a box too.

Also, congratulations to Lisa V. for being selected as the 100th post blog celebration winner. She won a $25.00 shopping spree, paid for by me, to any shop of her choice from our past contributors.

As always, thanks for supporting the businesses in our sampler and please be sure to leave us feedback about your box. We love to hear from you and keep improving to be the best box out there.