Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Organization and Time Management

Running a small business is hard, running more than one is even harder! No matter if you run one or five, it still takes organization and time management to get it all done (especially if you work a 9-5 too!) I wanted to give a few tips that I use (though by no means am I a guru of organization and time management!)

I am student teaching (I graduate in December, yay!), I have a weekend job and my tiny etsy shops so organization and time management are key for efficiency.

  • Get a medium size accordion filing system (kind of like a coupon organizer) and keep all your income and expense receipts in there. This will be especially helpful during tax time!

  • Have your supplies/stock and work station in one place so you know what you have and what you are running low on.

  • Keep your finished products/stock away from your supplies so you know what is completed. You will also know what you have, what you're selling and what you need more of.

  • If you are shipping or have listing fees, etc. keep a spreadsheet of all your costs. For example, I made myself a spreadsheet that automatically calculates cost of my item - fees + shipping paid for - actual shipping cost = net profit.

  • Write dates on everything so you can track sales and watch trends!

  • Write lists! Lists keep me sane...every time I think of something to do/buy/call etc, I write it on my list and cross it off when I complete it!

Time Management

  • Again, Lists!!!! Keeping a list, not only allows you to be more organized, but saves time because you're not constantly trying to remember what you had to do/buy/call!

  • Set aside specific time, keep a planner if you have to, to get specific things done. You may be able to say something general like "Tuesday I will take photos" or something a little more specific like "Tuesday, between 12-2, I will take photos." This will give you a schedule to keep and know that you need to stop doing something and start taking your photos!
  • Set goals! Set goals to have XX amount of items made by the end of the week or if you can, do a daily amount. Set goals to have photos, items made and XX products listed daily. Treat yourself when you accomplish a goal!

Do you have any time management or organizational tips to share?